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The following is a statement from Education Reform Now CT State Director Amy Dowell:

“The conversation taking place around school district regionalization this year is an important one, and we are glad that it will now continue throughout this legislative session. At the same time, we hope the Governor and the General Assembly will make sure the final product is one that results in actual change, not just lip service. After all, everyone in Connecticut agrees that our state must find ways to be more efficient and more fair when it comes to how we provide services, and that is what should be at the core of this debate.

“We applaud Governor Lamont for taking up this issue with his bold introductory bill, and would urge him to ensure that his very strong efforts result in very real results before the end of session. The Governor has repeatedly urged that legislators and the public not ‘just say no’ but to come to the table with real ideas, and he is exactly right. Too many of the loudest voices in this debate are just saying no, but ironically, they’re coming from districts that can already afford to provide high quality schools.

“This session we’ve seen forward-thinking proposals on this topic from the Governor, Senator Looney, Senator Duff, Senator Osten, and others. We hope their continued leadership will keep this dialogue going, and that it will result in change -- real change -- this year.”


About Education Reform Now CT

ERN CT is an organization that supports elected leaders who are champions of public education, providing policy expertise and advocacy. Together, we advance ideas and practices based on progressive values--with a goal of increasing equity, protecting civil rights and the social safety net, and promoting great educational opportunities for all--as part of realizing the American Dream.


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