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ERN CT Testimony on AAC Qualifying Transit-Oriented Communities

Co-Chairs Rahman and DeGraw, Vice Chairs Needleman and Chafee, Ranking Members Fazio and Zullo, and members of the Planning and Development Committee–thank you for the opportunity to provide testimony on H.B. No. 6890, An Act Concerning Qualifying Transit-Oriented Communities. I am Amy Dowell, Executive Director of Education Reform Now CT (ERN CT).

The state needs diverse housing options near rail and bus routes in order to support those who do not have access to vehicles, those who care about environmental sustainability, and those who would benefit from walkable communities. However, this is also a matter of educational equity.

Educational resources in this state are linked to housing value because our school funding system relies heavily on local property taxes. Therefore, when the state’s housing options lead to segregated communities along economic and racial lines, students have disparate educational experiences across town lines. These inequities do not serve students, the state economy, or the isolated communities themselves.

We support this bill because, by building Transit-Oriented Communities, we can also increase housing availability and inclusivity, which would impact gaps in educational resources and opportunities.

Please support HB 6890.


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