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ERN CT 2019 Policy Priorities

Recruit and Retain Educators of Color:

Students in public schools should see adults of color as educators and role models. Although 46% of the student population in CT is made up of students of color, 91% of our educators are white. We should promote diversity in the education workforce through:

  • Recruitment of public school students to the teaching profession.

  • Preparation and induction programs that set teachers up for success.

  • Incentives to place and retain excellent teachers of color in our public schools.

  • Timely execution of the MTR Policy Oversight Council’s recommendations.

Establish Greater Resource Equity:

Building on progress made in the 2017 budget, CT should continue to pursue a more equitable and transparent education funding system. This plan should include:

  • A single funding formula for all districts and types of public schools.

  • A progressive model to ensure students and schools with the greatest needs are receiving sufficient resources.

  • A new plan to fund special education that can be predictable and cost-effective for communities, while maintaining our state and federal obligations.

Build Career Pathways for Students:

CT should invest in dual-track programs that have a proven record of providing students with flexible and personalized opportunities for success in college and career.

  • An example is the Pathways in Technology Early College High School (PTECH) model.

  • Such programs should leverage partnerships between secondary schools, post-secondary schools, and business/industry.

Explore Costs and Benefits of Consolidation:

CT public school enrollment is decreasing, and some of our many school districts can no longer afford to provide students with the comprehensive programming they deserve. We should:

  • Pursue hard conversations about whether consolidating resources in small district is a solution.

  • Support incentives that encourage shared services and consolidation.


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