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April 1, 2022: Who Benefits? How Teacher Pensions Impact Resource Equity

Recent research from ERN Connecticut and Equable Institute found startling resource inequities in how teacher pensions are funded. Specifically, Connecticut's subsidy of local retirement benefits reinforces a systemic disadvantage for the highest needs school districts, especially in terms of how they compensate their teaching workforce.

During the conversation, experts will unpack the implications of the findings on efforts to address teacher quality, recruitment, and retention in Connecticut and other states.

The conversation will be moderated by Education Week's Madeline Will.

Panelists include:

  • Sandi Jacobs, Consultant, Formerly with EducationCounsel and the US Department of Education

  • Connecticut House Majority Leader Jason Rojas

  • Anthony Randazzo, Executive Director of Equable Institute, and

  • ERN CT Director Amy Dowell


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